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Any long journey begins with one small step. Thatstep was made back in 2003, when project and engineering company AQUA - HOLDING was founded.


Today Trading House AQUA - HOLDING is one of the largest companies in the Ukrainian market. AQUA - HOLDING provides exclusive services in the field of complex engineering systems, water treatment and purification of circulating water, wastewater enterprises in the metallurgical, mining and processing, oil refining, chemical, food and other industries.


The company's success is determined by the confidence of its customers. Thanks to a task integrated approach we always provide our customers with the mostefficient economical and the highest technological parameters of manufacturing processes.


AQUA -HOLDING company has beenworking on the water treatment market for more than ten years, diversifying itsrange of products and services every year, which allows our customers to stay confident in our service at all times.


Mikhail Fedoseenko