Pressure mechanical filters are cylindrical pressure vessels with drainage and piping systems, equipped with control valves and gauges, as well as a filtrant with a certain type and grain-size composition.


These filters are sed for water treatment of surface and groundwater, as well as for further purification of wastewater.


  • easy installation;
  • continuous supply of filtered water;
  • simple replacement of filtrants;
  • easy care and maintenance.


The principle of operation of a pressure filter is based on source water filtration through a granular bed. Inert and catalytic materials can be used as filter media. The method of pressure filtration can be used in conjunction with pre-aeration and/ or chemical reagents input. In the process of oxidation of iron and manganese, dissolved in water, they are transferred from a soluble form to an insoluble form and they are retained in the thickness of the filter medium. Depending on the composition of the source water, the filter is periodically backwashed with certain time intervals. After washing the filter is ready for operation.


Filter rinsing is done by air purge following water flush. The air flow, generated by the blower pump, removes contamination from the filter medium, which makes further water wash more effective. As the washing water for pressure filters, pure water is normally used, which is supplied from a tank of clean water by a rinsing pump. Wash program takes approximately 20 minutes, after which the filter is switched into operation again.