Water desilting is the process of suspended solids separation under the influence of gravitational forces; the particles having a density greater than the density of water, move down, those with a lower density move up.

Lamellar clarifier is an open rectangular tank made of stainless steel or carbon steel, fiberglass and includes three main sections:

  • receiving chamber;
  • deposition chamber;
  • treated water chamber.


Lamellar clarifier is designed for continuous separation of sludge and provides an increase in the area of desilting and the creation of a laminar flow.


The principle of operation is based on the fact that the load on the surface (m3/m2) of the clarifier does not depend on the depth. This means that the productivity of the clarifier can be improved by installing the dividing plates inclined at a certain angle, thereby creating several clarifiers.


Lamella clarifiers are used in:

  • metallurgical treatment plants, food, chemical and other industries;
  • drinking water purification stations.


Lamella clarifiaers are calculated and produced according to customer individual requirements.