Trading House AQUA HOLDING supplies and manufactures modular units for:

  • sludge dewatering;
  • storage and dosing of reagents;
  • biological treatment of plants.

The modules are equipped with heating, ventilation, electricity supply, fire and security alarm systems, the necessary branch tubes for external piping connection, as well as shut-off valves.


Advantages of modular units:

  • small size;
  • minimum construction work, reduced time for putting into operation;
  • reducing the cost of construction;
  • low power consumption;
  • the lack of noise and odor;
  • the possibility of modular expansion and productivity increase;
  • quality production and assembly, durability.


Modular units are fully ready to use. Putting into operation does not require the construction of additional buildings, it is only necessary to connect to communication lines and electricity.


Dimensions can be adapted and modified according to customer requirements.


High level of process automation ensures safe operation of the plant without the constant presence of staff.