Decanter centrifuge is used for mechanical separation of solid and liquid mixtures having different densities. The separation process is based on the principle of sedimentation of solid particles by centrifugal forces.

In decanter chamber, mechanical impurities, subjected to centrifugal force, are deposited on the walls of the drum in a short time. The drum is made in the shape of a cylinder merging into a cone. This shape allows for a high degree of purification of the product in the cylindrical part and good dewatering of solids in the conical part of the drum. The screw rotates at a speed different from the speed of rotation of the drum, and continuously outputs the separated solids into the narrow end of the drum.


Advantages: cake discharge mechanization from the rotor and operational continuity.



  • cleaning of industrial and municipal waste;
  • extraction of sand, gravel and mineral resources;
  • oily sludge, steel sludge and coal dust processing;
  • purification of vegetable oil, fats, fruit juices.