Press filter is an apparatus for batch separation of liquid heterogeneous systems under pressure (suspensions, slurries, sludge, mud) to the liquid phase (filtrate) and solid phase (precipitate, cake).

Operation principle:

The driving force of the filtration process is slurry pressure being fed into the machine. The slurry flows under pressure inside the bag of tightly compressed filter plates (plates and frames). Plates are covered with a filter cloth. Solid particles are retained on the surface of the filter material and the liquid phase can freely penetrate through fine pores of the filter cloth and further through the system of channels leaves the filter.


The package includes:

  • press filter with polypropylene filter plates and valve-collection system consisting of butterfly-type valves, power hydraulic cylinder and cartridge filter for the control of water treatment before it is fed to the device for the regeneration of tissues (when press filter includes automatic recovery device);
  • hydraulic drive station;
  • pumping station (provided sludge compacting of 8 atm. Is required)
  • drain pan for collection of accidental leaks;
  • a device for the regeneration of tissues (for press filters with filtering area above 20 m2);
  • automatic control box.


Press filters are used to dewater sludge treatment facilities of industrial enterprises, utilities and rain water treatment plants.