Stations of further dilution are used where it is necessary to further dilute previously prepared solution.


This equipment is used as separate units, as well as several units put together.


MX7 further dilution unit with integrated flow control is a compact and simple solution for further dilution.


These systems allow you to mix and dilute the solutions before introducing them into the main stream.

Technical data:

  • flow range from 400 to 50,000 l / h (other types of productivity on individual request);
  • float flow meter triggering flow sensor;
  • Magnetic valve: 24 V.


Small-size dosing and dilution unit with an integrated distribution manifold.


The units are tailored according to customer requirements and are designed for simultaneous dosing process and further dilution of solutions and their further distribution into the main lines.


Technical data:

The plants are designed and installed on customer request and according to agreed requirements.