The need for high-quality drinking, household and industrial use water treatment is not questioned nowadays because not only is water the basis of all life, but it is also a valuable resource, the purity of which has a significant impact on numerous biological and technological processes.


The most efficient and optimal method of water treatment is a physical-chemical method, which is based on the use of specialized reagents - coagulants, flocculants, biocides, antiscalants, demulsifiers, defoamers, pH stabilizers, etc.


The use of specialised chemical reagents enables us to minimise the level of the following elements in water:

  • particles of mineral origin - colloidal clay, sediment kinds, salts and metal hydroxides;
  • substances of organic origin - synthetic surfactants, dyes, fulvic and humic acids, which are the result of decomposition of plant and animal remains; 
  • various microorganisms (plankton, viruses, bacteria, waterweeds);
  • aromas.


Chemical reagents supplied by our company are widely used in such industries as: cosmetic, food, meat processing, brewing, tanning, paper, wood and chemical industry, metallurgy, oil production and refining, water treatment and communal services.