Water treatment technology is aimed at neutralisation, disposal or recycling. Therefore, the choice of treatment technology and equipment depends primarily on the properties of water and the requirements of maximum allowable concentration.


Not only toxic substances can act as pollutants. Pollutants can also be oils, surfactants, heavy metals, the acidity of the environment, total hardness (above normal) and the content of ammonia nitrogen, oxidation, etc.

Pollution type Purification type
Suspended solids with particle size of more than 0.01 mm Filtration
Air flotation
Suspended solids with particle size of more than 0.5 mm Primary settling without chemical reagents
Organic substance immiscible with water Filtration
Colloid particles with the size from 0,1 to 10 micron Microfiltration
pH, total basicity, total acidity Neutralisation
Water with oil concentration of more than 10 mg/l

Gravity separation

The water analysis shows the presence of one or another harmful factor in water.